Fast Food (2017)

FAST FOOD (2017): Second Helping

The word sacrilege is derived from the Latin word sacrilegus, which means “stealer of sacred things.”In the Judeo-Christian tradition God is the author of life, the giver of life, the fountain of life (Gn 2:7; Dt 32:39; 1 Sam 2:6; Jb 33:4, 10:12; Ac 17:25, etc.). Life belongs to God alone. “Behold, all life belongs to Me, the life of the father as well as the life of the son” (Ez 18:4). Only God can say, “I AM.” I am because God is and gave me and every other human being existence. “The Lord giveth and taketh away.” Therefore, to kill a human being can never be a purely secular act. It is either a sacrilege—usurping what is God's right alone—or it is an act of God which God delegates to a human being, e.g., the hangman. For the Christian for whom “God is love, and for whom the Nonviolent Jesus of the Gospels is God Incarnate and the definitive revelation of God, His Will and His Way, the destruction of the life of an infinitely loved son or daughter of the “Father of all,” is always a sacrilege—an anti-God act—and never an act in conformity with the reality and will of God. God Incarnate, the Jesus of the Gospels, never delegates the right to take a human life under any circumstances to anyone who chooses to be His disciple. Christian Just War Theories, Christian Just Capital Punishment Theories, Christian Just Abortion Theories, Christian Just Inquisition Theories are all enticements to commit sacrilege. Indeed, they are Christian justifications of the evil of sacrilege—and those Christians who promote them are agents for the propagation of sacrilege, regardless of their status in the Church or in the world.

Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

* A person can neither evaluate as true or false, nor choose to live, an idea that he or she has never heard.