Fast Food (2018)

FAST FOOD (2018): Thirty-First Helping

Mothers you have given birth to your sons so that they might love and not hate, build and not destroy-not bring misery and a curse upon the world but work cooperatively to enable every person to have a dignified existence. You have not given birth to your sons for war, for employing violence, but so that they might participate in the important work of bringing people God’s peace. Mothers, these your sons whose hands you fold, teach them to pray the “Our Father” on their knees, are then on the cold command of international capitalism forced by a few power politicians and profit-hungry men to be always prepared to murder on their command and to sacrifice their life for them. Mothers! Don’t you know what our Lord commands? “You shall not, you may not kill” commands Christ the Lord. International capital and international leaders, however, command, “Your sons must kill and sacrifice their lives if we wish and order it.” And even the Churches administer the oath by which your sons swear to the heavens that they will blindly kill on command. But, don’t you know that you must obey God more than human beings? Don’t you know that we all are and should be brothers and sisters of a loving Father who is in heaven, who lets the sun rise on the good and the bad, and rain fall on the just and unjust, and who teaches all, whatever their nationality, to pray, “Our Father.” Therefore, regardless of what men who flirt with violence and military preparedness may say and order, Mothers must shout: “Never.”

Of course, there are women who want to place the entire women’s world into the service of war. Nazi Reich Women’s Leader, Gertrud Scholtz-Klink, in her Mothers’ Day speech, titled, “You Are the Support of the Fatherland,” asserted:

Mothers are giving life twice. Once when as young women they give birth, and today when they continue to sacrifice life, doing both for their fatherland. They are giving their sons for a newly created Europe, just as they once bore their own pains for Germany. However, what they are sacrificing today is incomparably harder than the labor pains they once suffered because at the end of that pain there was a life they could hold, while today the mother is left empty-handed and has to console herself that there is something greater behind those empty hands, namely, the supra-personal life of her nation! The ultimate meaning of this war and the heroic struggle of our men and brothers is to guarantee the existence of our nation for eternity. There is no other way for a nation to secure its eternal existence than the commitment of its mothers and soldiers with their own blood

We Christian conscientious objectors now ask German women and mothers: According to Frau Scholtz-Klink’s exacting demand, do you really want to bring children into the world so that your sons can bleed to death in horrible pain on the battlefield, while those children who are still too young for the front are destroyed by bombs? Do you really believe that this guarantees the eternal existence of our nation?

You Shall Not Kill (1944)

Rev. Dr. Johannes Ude
(Catholic priest, holder of 5 earned doctorates, including one in theology,
26 times nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize,
imprisoned conscientious objector in Germany in WWII)

* Great is the power of steady misrepresentation.
* A person can neither evaluate as true or false, nor choose to live, an idea that he or she has never heard.