Fast Food (2018)

FAST FOOD (2018): Thirty-Third Helping

The Bishops of the Church claim to teach with moral certitude that Jesus’ teachings of love of enemies and the rejection of violence are just unrealistic thoughts of His, which need not to be taken too seriously or followed as part of His Way by those whom He calls to be His disciples. They teach with moral certitude that Christians are free to follow Jesus’ fanciful and unrealistic Way of Nonviolent Love of friends and enemies, unless they can think of a better way, e.g., Christian Just War Theory. Then the Bishops teach with moral certitude that the Baptized followers of Jesus are free to give their way priority over the Way Jesus teaches in the Gospels—even if their way is in direct logical contradiction to the way that Jesus teaches in the Gospels or even if their way is a mere logical mind game that never has been and never could be applied and followed in an actual war.

A spiritual and moral caveat for all Christian Just War Bishops: You better have moral certitude on this issue, because you have brought and are bringing so much evil into the world by your Christian Just War Teaching and have destroyed and are destroying so many lives by your teaching.

Emmanuel Charles McCarthy