Fast Food (2018)

FAST FOOD (2018): Twenty-Ninth Helping

A Concise Ten Minutes on Gospel Nonviolence: Real Hope

The Christian vocation is about hope.  The Christian vocation is about working for the impossible.  One of the fathers of the church, Tertullian, said that the word impossible is not found in the Christian dictionary.  For nothing is impossible for God.

Hope is seeing possibilities of something good in the future.  You're only speaking in that little 2 by 4 that we live.  We are taught to keep our hopes reasonable.  However in Christianity, Jesus teaches us that our hopes should not only be beyond reason but beyond imagination.  Jesus comes to give a different kind of hope.  The hope that Jesus comes to give us is the hope that evil and death in every form and every manifestation will be conquered.  And what I would submit to you today is - that is the only hope.  Christ hope is the only real hope.  It is the hope that each human heart longs for.

Take any one of the reasonable hopes in the 2 by 4 World.  The greatest of them.  Suppose you hope to become president of the company or president of Ireland, or president of your religious order.  And it comes and you get it and here on Saturday you become president of whatever it is you wanted. Or you win a million pounds or whatever it is in the lottery.  Your greatest hope in that little 2 by 4 world has come to pass this Saturday.  Now suppose on Monday you got the diagnosis that you have terminal cancer.  What you know and what I know is that hope, that great, great hope in this little 2 by 4 world, would be irrelevant.  It would be nothing.  It would be dust.

Emmanuel Charles McCarthy