Fast Food (2017)

FAST FOOD (2017): Seventh Helping

How do Catholic moral theologians, priests, and laymen justify the right of violent self-defense? Are they not violating the unambiguous words of Christ and His Apostles when they declare arming and training for war to be acceptable and the “just defensive war” to be morally permissible? How can they, without contradicting themselves, teach that the great commandment to love includes all people, friend and foe, with no exceptions, and, on the other hand, judge the violence of arms, preparations for war and violent self-defense—the killing of the enemy—to be morally permissible, justified, and even a duty?

You Shall Not Kill (1944)
Rev. Dr. Johannes Ude

*A person can neither evaluate as true or false, nor choose to live, an idea that he or she has never heard.