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August 6: A Day of Repentance for Scientists and a Day of Prayer for their Victims

Every person possesses free will and can choose between violence and nonviolence, but each individual is personally responsible for his choice. Every citizen who works for an armament company shares in the guilt of war, that is, in the guilt for mass murder and destruction that he helped to prepare with his work. Therefore, if people freely do that which leads to war, they will have war; but if they do not want war, they have to choose the path Christ taught, namely the path of nonviolence, which acts out of love.

You Shall Not Kill (1944)

Rev. Dr. Johannes Ude
(Catholic priest,
holder of 5 earned doctorates, including one in theology,
26 times nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize,
imprisoned conscientious objector in Germany in WWII)


August 6, 1890, Auburn, NY: Thomas Edison’s electric chair is employed for the first time to kill one human being.


August 6, 1945, Hiroshima, Japan: J. Robert Oppenheimer’s atomic bomb is employed for the first time to kill 100,000 human beings.

An especially grave example of a category of people who “share in the guilt of the mass murder and destruction” of war is “the best and the brightest” of the scientific world. Because they are well paid and culturally respected for their mathematical and scientific learning, a basin of water is given to them by both Church and state to wash away all their responsibility for the consequences of their choices. But like the ladies of Hotel Street in Honolulu they sell themselves to the military, the armaments companies and the governments that will give them money and perks for the use—not of their bodies—but of their brains. What happens as a result of them selling their native intelligence and hard earned knowledge of mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics to the war industry, they see as no concern of theirs. As the lyrics from a Tom Lehrer song go:

“Once the rockets are up
who cares where they come down,
that’s not my department,”
says Wernher von Braun.

Wernher von Braun was the Lutheran Nazi, who was the brains behind the creation of the V 2 rocket, the world’s first long range guided ballistic missile, created at Peenemünde Army Research Center near Wolgast in Germany. The “V” stands for Vergeltungswaffe, vengeance weapon. Von Braun is the Nazi counterpart of J. Robert Oppenheimer, an American Jew, who was the brains behind the creation of the first atomic bomb at Los Alamos, NM. But von Braun and Oppenheimer are but the poster boys, the symbolic tip of the “best and the brightest” destructive iceberg of scientists who have sold their brains to Mars for thirty pieces of silver. Indeed the man or woman who works on the assembly line in an armaments factory “shares,” as Johannas Ude states, “the guilt for mass murder and destruction that he helped to prepare with his work.” But the Christians who are “kept” scientists, who serve Mars and Mammon rather than Jesus, by selling their God-given scientific talents to figure out how to rip open wounds rather than heal wounds, are more gravely complicit in the mass murder and destruction of war than the assembly line worker. In a July 1966 interview in Life Magazine a U.S. pilot who was bombing the people of Vietnam said,

We sure are pleased with those backroom boys at Dow. [the scientists] The original napalm product wasn’t so hot. If the gooks were quick they could scrape it off. So the boys at DOW figured out how to add polystyrene and white phosphorous to the napalm. Now they cannot scrape it off and just one drop of it is enough. It will keep burning right down to the bone so they die anyway from phosphorous poisoning

It goes without saying that the bishops of the Catholic Church and of other Christian Churches are complicit by their silence as members of their Churches, who are scientists, employ the talent that Jesus, the Logos of God, gave them to work on ways to deal misery and death rather than mercy and life to human beings.

Do the science “boys in the backroom” at Dow in Michigan, at Los Alamos in New Mexico, at Peenemünde in Germany and at the thousands of other scientific high-tech research operation—whose primary objective is the development of ever more lethal and sophisticate apparatuses for destroying human beings—have any responsibility in time or in eternity before humanity and the Son of Man for the excruciating pain they bring into the lives of those human beings who are the victims of their learned homicidal work? Are life, free will and choice so morally irrelevant, vacuous, vapid and trivial that the scientific brains, behind the electric chair the V2 rocket, the atomic bomb and untold numbers of other gadgets of human destruction, can find peace in their souls and justification before the Son of Man by appealing to:

“Once the rockets are up
who cares where they come down,
that’s not my department,”
says Wernher von Braun?

This is homicide by scientists.

Dear Enemy

And, it does have the Church's Imprimatur.

Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

*Great is the power of steady misrepresentation.

*A person can neither evaluate as true or false, nor choose to live, an idea that he or she has never heard.